“Ideas for a memorable wedding” – Tell your story, add that personal touch.

Since we are celebrating 10 years of marriage, friends and family have come up to say the usual “Wow, has it been that long?!” The next sentence that follows is what pleases me the most. It warms my heart when they also say, “Your wedding was one of the most loving events we’ve ever attended”.

My husband and I couldn’t ask for more. We hoped that our guests felt the love..I mean, that’s why we were there in the first place. We hoped they also felt included and special to share in the day. We had a few special touches that people still talk about which I’ll share in a bit, but if you ask me the best thing we ever did was to share our story.

I remember writing about it on our wedding website; back in the day when wedding websites were so new. We spent time working on it together and it helped our dear guests know us more, to stay connected and somehow give them a glimpse into our relationship. Often times, guests arrive at a wedding only knowing either the bride or the groom. We found that for those who wanted to learn more about us, reading our story somehow made them feel connected to us as a couple. Making them also realize that, “Yes” they belong together.

Funny how I remember my Papa imparting wisdom during his speech about this – he shared that one secret to a good marriage IS to “Keep telling your story”, don’t forget it. Reminisce together, it rekindles warmth, closeness and even passion. He and my mama are celebrating 44 years… so you know… I believe him. You can read our story here.

As promised, here are some other ideas. Whether you’re planning a wedding or any other event, personal touches really add something special. In sharing some of our favorites, I hope it sparks some ideas for your special day. A day that has your signature all over it and truly appreciated by your guests.

Our traditional ceremony. If you read our story, God has always been a big part of our relationship. Coming before him in holy matrimony and involving those closest to us was crucial. I know that the wedding plans can get overwhelming, it’s easy to get wrapped up in trivial things. At the end of the day it really is about these vows, it’s a union between families. You will be remembered by how deeply you loved and how true you are to your words.

Our wedding website – as mentioned above, it served as a way to keep our guests connected and informed. On the actual day it had a feature where guests left their well wishes for us. A virtual guest book. Many wedding websites have enhanced features now, use it to your advantage.

Wedding test tube vases, diy

Our custom handmade Test-tube vase giveaways – My Papa made these for me. Don’t believe him if he says I forced him to make them..Lol! Guests still remind me about these. Everyone had their name on each and it acknowledged that they were lovingly created by the father of the bride. You might also know someone with such a talent. I’ve been to weddings where they gave out homemade jam, salsa and chocolate flowers. I found it extra thoughtful.

Our entry sign. We took the opportunity to honour one another through this signage. Guests can read about the write up as it highlights the perspective from the eyes of the bride and groom.

Our placecards, personalized bookmarks – once guests have found their seat, they were met with these personalized bookmarks. They also communicated to our guests that a donation was made in their honour to our World Vision sponsor child’s community. It was important for us to share our joy in this way.

Weeks after our celebration we received a letter from our sponsor child with photos. They purchased a cow, school furniture for the community and clothing for his family. We were thrilled to learn that our contribution was able to help so much.

dance, wedding, first dance,

First dance. Choreographed by friends.  “Let’s stay together” by Al Green

Our first dance. Apparently our nephew posted it on YouTube and it now has over 14K views… go figure.

Having a special first dance that showed-off our sense of humour and killah dance moves… Seriously though, it broke the ice, it let us set the tone and it allowed everyone to relax and really celebrate.

Our signature drink – which we naturally named “Sweet beginnings”. We loved having this, because it let our guest know to let loose and have a good time. Ask your venue if they offer this type of service, have fun choosing your mix.

Our speeches. This truly is your day, don’t pass the opportunity to speak from your heart, gush over your beloved. This becomes part of your story. Make sure you capture it not only in photos but also on video. We watch the video with our children now. Trust me, you’ll want to re-watch it. Rekindling is necessary in a marriage every chance you get. Don’t forget to remind each other that it wasn’t just about that one day, it’s about every day together.

Our carefully selected emcees and DJ. We chose family for the first portion of the evening to speak and give personal anecdotes only they can give. It was fun having them share these stories who may not have heard about them before.

The flow of the evening is truly key, so we were happy that we took our time to select the right studio to offer the music. A three piece jazz band during cocktails and an amazing transition from the speeches to dancing. We were matched with the best emcee and dj that suit our style. I’d say our guests had an amazing time, wouldn’t you agree?!

Our thank you card. Being a graphic designer certainly has it’s advantages. Aside from our invitations and all the other details, I created our thank you cards to be personalized for our guests too. I went through our wedding photos and if a guest had a photo, I customized their thank you card to include it in the collage. I remember 10 years ago that no one was doing this, I was pretty excited to be one of the first.

Since they were so well received, I’ve tried my best to offer similar designs and ideas from our wedding at our shop now. Here are just a few.

Wedding invite

Personalized wedding chocolate.

Chalked, Photo Collage Rustic Wedding Thank You Postcard

Chalked, Photo Collage Rustic Wedding Thank You Postcard

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create, be and use your God given gifts.

“Boring” a word I wish to ban from our home.

I was in the middle of reading an email from @jennakutcher, somewhere in there she says “Are you wondering what really does set you apart? Or maybe you’re just feeling like you’re the most boring human on planet earth and everyone else has cracked the code on being different!

How did she know 😳??!!

received another email. It was from a friend sharing that they saw I was the featured designer on a blog post. If that happened then someone finds me interesting afterall.< e are so much more than we think. My fear of the word “boring” stems from not exploring what I already have.<<<<<< e once upon a time I thought “Now that I’m a parent the focus isn’t on me anymore. No need to do more with my own life.” Boy! was I wrong.<<<<<< ed that “BECAUSE I’m a parent means I should excel to BE more.” We don’t become side notes in our children’s lives. They are looking at us to show them the way. - there’s so much to learn. No time to be bored. 😓. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about busywork but the art of finding joy all around. I ask my kids to figure things out before using this cursed word. They don’t need to even get busy ...they can just... “BE”. Sit there, be still, meditate, contemplate but don’t allow boredom to distort the reality that there’s so much more to YOU!

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What they really want for Christmas

A couple of years ago I came across this IKEA commercial video which really spoke to me.
It’s called the ‘The Other Letter’. They did an experiment asking children of different ages to write to The Three Kings for what they’d like for Christmas. They quickly scribbled down things like a Wii®, a unicorn, a soccer ball etc. After collecting the letters, they were then asked to write another letter, this time they are writing to their parents of what they really want for Christmas. The responses would amaze you; they just wanted their ‘time’.

Time to laugh together, time to play together and just be there. The parents were lost for words, the thing is, they actually knew deep down this is what their children would want, they were in tears.

Then one final question for the kids; “If you could send one of the two letters, which one would you send? The one to the Three Kings or the one to Mom and Dad?” Difficult question but at the end they went with the letter to mom and dad. What does that say to us?

Coming up with presents for our own children every year is so much fun, but this video clip has taught me that no matter what we give there is nothing more dear to them than the quality time we spend. The simplest toy becomes the favourite when it’s been associated with ‘the time mama played with me’ or ‘when daddy helped me with my puzzle’. We have a laundry basket at home that seems to be the best thing in the world because each of our kids have been pushed around in it up and down the hall.

Fun with the laundry basket.

Camryn still asks me to put a blanket over my head and pretend to be the enchantress because one time I made them hunt for treasure as hidden by the enchantress. Julia will take out her tea set because it means special guests (mama or daddy) can join. As for my husband, he can tell you the many times that the kids just want to be carried to their beds, begged for bike rides or to shoot the basketball in our little living room…they aren’t NBA obsessed but they know it makes daddy light up and the delight in their voices will send you soaring.

Julia riding her bike, daddy dribbling his basketball.

Let’s hold our loved ones and make this season memorable, not with the material things but by the things that will forever be cherished, our gift of self. There really are some wishes that are within our capability to fulfill, and it’s free. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!


Lorena and family

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DIY Christmas Word Banners

View the tutorial video above or visit our YouTube Channel here.

What you will need:


1 hole punch

glue stick


yarn or jewelry cord (we used a metallic stretch cord from a dollar store)

black bristol board

Christmas Word Banner Template*

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Step 1: Download the template and print. Cut out banners and letters.









Step 2: Trace the banner flag  on to the black bristol board (this will be your guide). Repeat for the number of letters you need.


Step 3: Cut the banner flag outline.

Step 4: Glue on the letters to each banner flag.

Step 5: Punch holes on the top left and top right corners of the flag.

Step 6: String through the cord.


Step 7: Complete your word banners


Step 8: Hang on your tree as desired


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Looking for a unique Christmas photo card this year? Check these out!

Don’t you love receiving Christmas Cards from family and friends that are personal and thoughtful! Don’t you feel more connected when you see their photos and noteworthy moments?! This year, I’ve designed a few new looks that you can select from, including some with modern scripts and hand-painted watercolors. With all that, please allow me to direct you to one design in particular, the Holiday, Photo, Newsletter-style card.

A Newsletter-style Christmas photo card Easily Customizable

I especially like this card since you can have more than one photo, it shows off your year-in-review a.k.a. “Top Highlights”, it allows you to share updates and special news (a baby announcement maybe ;)). Also, since I enjoy the Christmas artwork my children bring home, I’ve added an extra area inside so you can add one too. If you decide you’d rather use this area for another beautiful family photo, please feel free to do so. Be creative and have fun!

Here is a video to show you how simple and enjoyable it is to use the Zazzle mobile online tool.


To view the video from YouTube, please click here.

With Black Friday deals and other sales coming up, we wanted you to know this is available. Zazzle has many promotions going on right before Christmas, hopefully this helps and we’ve given you a new option for your Christmas card this year…one thing off your list. 🙂

If you’re ready to try it out yourself, click and personalize your Christmas card now!

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Room To Share

Childhood memories built here.

(Create personalized wall art. – encourage sisterhood)

As I stood outside my two daughters’ shared bedroom I was excited that I’ve finally finished reorganizing their space. I suppose I can tell you that the cute little things were gifts from generous family and friends purchased from Potterybarn Kids, HomeSense and the likes, but the room has a different story to share. It reminded me of something a lot more significant. I’m the middle child and the only daughter, I loved growing up with brothers. I knew about comic books, sports, wrestling, superheroes and Nintendo but a part of me still really enjoy playing with dolls, dressing up and girly things. I remembered a time when we stayed over at a family friend’s place.

It was memorable because they had two daughters and they had the most spectacular room from what I remember. It had everything I ever dreamed of, a kitchen, a dollhouse, a pretend play area, books etc. But what made it even more incredible was how excited the two girls were to share everything with me. We had a sleepover and I watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty for the first time there. It wasn’t about the stuff, it was the warmth and generosity that I remembered. I felt sisterly love and I share this story with our own daughters to strengthen their big hearts — to help them be humble, grateful and kind. As they grow older I want them to know the importance of sisterhood, to be generous of what they have to all the other women they will meet. We as women need to know we can trust each other, to feel we belong.

personalized wall art

A fun little project to personalize her room.

P.S. I painted feathers for the girls and added quotes, on one of them it says “I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground.” – all things come from above and we are humbled by love, let us share it freely. (You can also find these designs at our shop, visit us here)

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Our story – perspective of the Bride and Groom

Staying true to my father’s advice “Keep telling your story” (see main post article “Ideas for a memorable wedding”)

From the Perspective of the Bride and Groom

Let me tell you about him…

…I’ve always known that to call him my ‘best friend’ would be an understatement’…there’s a better word for it…

A man of character, he knows the meaning of giving, the meaning of self-sacrifice.

A man of deep insight, he has made me understand life in all it’s different angles, all it’s sides. He has helped me value who I am, the way he sees me gives me confidence and encourages me to be better. He sets examples and pushes you to your full capability. I don’t only speak for myself but I speak for all those he’s influenced. He’s taught me so much about what a person should be; in giving more of yourself and in loving, you truly live!

I give credit to the wonderful man that he is to his family. At the age of 3, he lost his father, being the youngest of 6 children I recall understanding his deep connection with his mom because of this. She is his example of self-sacrifice, a true master in giving. His whole family is admirable, and seeing how he values them made me love him more.

He’s a person you can’t help but be drawn to, you can’t help but enjoy his company. His demeanor is quiet at first, it’s only because he first listens to you. He is calm, patient and collected, he’s not easily rattled — something I really appreciate if you know how I can be.

His friendship is un-matched, I am blessed to have him in my life. I recall our deep conversations, which I could only describe as our ‘soul to soul’.

I know these words I speak do not do justice to what he means to me. The way I feel about him is beyond any friendship, any relationship I’ve ever known….I found the right word for him after-all and that is My ‘husband’.

Let me tell you about her…

My God is an awesome God.

His sense of humor, unmatched.

His ways prove to be so different; so much beyond my understanding; beyond my logic and reason; that trying to explain certain events in my life inevitably lead to laughter, at times hysterically, and then tears.

His ways prove to be so different.

As I entered young adulthood, my mind was fickle, naïve, impressionable. What’s worse, I was unaware of it. Leaning on my own faculties and understanding, I faced the world, and swiftly became disenchanted. I searched for Him, for I had always heard great things. He had a good reputation. But my search was misguided, careless, selfish. I blamed Him, confronted Him; for not revealing Himself to me, and I became jaded, cynical, bitter, self-destructive.

His sense of humor unmatched.

I developed a hardened perspective, a dim outlook, misinformed ideas, and false convictions. This frame of mind went on unchallenged, unquestioned. In fact, they were encouraged and proved true through experience. But just when I felt furthest away from Him, so unwilling to listen, so exhausted, is when He wanted to speak, through her.

My God is an awesome God.

Along came a girl who I was initially drawn to because of her gentle spirit. She was kind, intelligent, good natured and idealistic. I could not help but think her naïve. But she was far from it. Her disposition was so positive, her faith so strong, so deeply rooted in truth, that my pessimism, cynicism and criticism were all equally unsuccessful in disarming it. I tried unrelentingly. I challenged her notions of goodness and virtue. But her mind was sharp, quick to debunk my views.  My agnostic temperament and sarcasm were no match for her, as she defended her faith, while restoring mine.  By the end of each argument, I was embarrassed of how silly and childish I must have sounded.   We became good friends. I trusted her with my life. She felt like “home”, I felt so comfortable around her, that feeling I can only describe as joy.

…So beyond my understanding, logic and reason.

We saw each other one day, but things seemed different. I was clumsy, self-conscious, distant. There was a nervous energy. I did not feel as comfortable as I usually did, or at least not as friends should feel around each other. I was falling in love, or was I already? How does this make sense?  How can I afford to risk a friendship that I cherish so deeply?    I wanted to run, to keep it a secret. In a way I was ashamed, because she trusted me and believed in our friendship. She had always been forthright with me.I had to let her know. Even if I was convinced that she did not reciprocate my feelings.How could she?

…trying to explain certain events in my life inevitably lead to laughter, at times hysterically, and then tears

But she did. She cared for me, even as I failed to care for myself. She wanted goodness for me, even as I shunned it. Understood me, in the midst of my own confusion.  Did not judge me, but always had kind words. And she loved me, even as I felt unlovable. And I love her, with all of my being. I’ve heard people advise prudence, because loving someone apparently makes one vulnerable, susceptible to being hurt.Rubbish. No such cautions here; for her love gives me strength, inspiration, joy, courage, hope. Her love makes me feel as if nothing is impossible.  I’m not so naive to think that struggles will not exist.  But there isn’t anyone else I’d rather struggle with; fight with; and for.  We’ve got dreams, in which marriage is the first step. When I think of her, she reminds me of His love for me.

Wedding photo by the lighthouse. Newlyweds.

Our Love Story (as told together)

‘I Love You’ – a statement that is so natural to say between true friends…even before the romance…this was in our vocabulary.

We are grateful to remember that our love is rooted in true friendship and in God.

— We first met participating at a Youth Group church retreat many years back. It’s astounding how in many occasions we never said more than a few words to one another. We had our own interests and our own crowd.

Let’s just say we were pretty opposite from one another.

After 5 years from that first meeting we were requested to minister to young people in our community now that we were older. Believe us, a request like this is not easy…being so young it forced many of us to question our own spiritual maturity.

For the two of us, it started us on a road of many evenings sitting by a curbside talking about all that we feared, all that we wondered about in life and our faith. For some reason we were just drawn to each other, our ideas were so different but our desire to be better than we were, absolutely the same.

It was in those late night discussions when we felt our hearts truly met for the first time. 🙂

The fact that another person can understand you so completely when you feel like it’s a mess up in your head is unbelievable. It is this joy in our hearts that made us say “I love you” as friends – you just can’t help but love a person that can make sense of life for you. The admiration, love and respect we had for one another grew; and today, these 3 words run deeper than ever.

We can truly say that our love is — God Sent.


A word that is universal.

It’s indescribable.

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thanksgiving gratitude place cards

A grateful heart is a happy heart!

FREE! Thanksgiving place-setting ‘gratitude card’ template

The other day I was on Twitter  and came across @garyhgoodridge and he tweets “Remember the days you prayed for the things you have now.”  This absolutely stuck a chord and got me thinking. Why do I feel like I’m on fast-forward mode most of the time, I’m so guilty of missing moments, how about you?
This tweet got me thinking in so many levels, starting with our home. How could I forget how my husband and I prayed and hoped for it; the timing had to be right because we had other family obligations and a wedding to plan. Now I find myself screaming at the mess and all the work that comes with it, forgetting how grateful  we were the day we signed the papers — to say it was ours. Forgetting the amazing time we have had gathering with family and friends, how our children giggle and play hide-and-seek within it.
We can be transformed, the instant we acknowledge that we have so much to be thankful for. I’m hoping this free gratitude cards can be used at your thanksgiving dinner, it would be wonderful to encourage gratitude in this fast-paced world. Pass on kindness and goodness.
I got this idea when a friend shared that her children left special messages for their guests one thanksgiving dinner. The warm smiles and positive conversation, was something  she was proud to share. Imagine setting this tone at your dinner party.
Once you’ve downloaded the Word template, simply type in your guests names on each, print on cardstock and cut them out (colour would  be best).
Delight your guests by writing a special messages on each, leave room for others to add too. I suggest placing these in a high-traffic area after dinner (by the desserts would work =D) and encourage your other guests to write in them too. Everyone can take theirs home and read it after the party while enjoying leftovers. :). Just my suggestions,  I’m  sure you’ll come up with wonderful ways this would work for your guests.

Here are some sample messages to help you along: Happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for how…


  1. You always know what to say.
  2. You always save me the last piece of pie.
  3. Even if we don’t see each other, we can pick up right where we left off.
  4. You are so thoughtful and kind
  5. You help out your brother and sister.

Have Fun! A grateful heart is a happy heart!

To download this free template, just enter your email address below so we can send it to you and stay connected. Thank you!

I loved creating this for you! If you’re not a do-it-yourself type though our shop has you covered. Check out the tags, invitations and other extras too. Discover this collection.


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This could be the start of a love for writing.

In grade 6 I had the most wonderful teacher, her name was Mrs. Stewart. One thing I recall was how she got us writing in our own journals.  She wrote back encouraging fun notes, and rewarded us with cool unique stickers.  Bubble gum scented, glittery and even fuzzy animal ones too. Stickers are LIFE don't you know!

As a teenager I came across that grade 6 journal and started writing for myself this time. I found it brought dreams and goals to life, it helped me visualize reflections and insights that I never knew I had. Believe me when I say writing has power! 

With summer break just starting I thought this would be a fun way to get my school-age girls to enjoy writing too. I found their paintings the other day, scanned them and created their personalized journals — in hopes it will add to the excitement (If you'd like to do these for your children too, you can visit our shop here). I told them about my teacher and how writing can do wonders. They were so excited to get them and I'm pleased to say that journaling has started.

My beloved Mrs. Stewart passed away a few years ago, I had no idea that we were one of her last students before she had to go through chemotherapy. She taught from the heart and gave us the most wonderful school experiences. I learned so much from her creative approach, and how simply listening can harness love for learning.

I hope this inspires you out there to find creative ways to encourage greatness in others. To ask them to dream and live big lives.

As my favourite teacher would say "You have real talent... keep up the good work!"

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Our first entry



5 Tips to party planning – a NEW perspective

Less Stress, More Party!

I remember the day I planned a party at home for my first born. I felt so exhausted and overwhelmed. Being new to hosting parties at the time I recall the anxiety to please everyone, the worry of making everything perfect. Then on the day of the party, my daughter got the stomach flu, she was miserable and it really put things into perspective for me. ‘What was this for again?’ I look back at that event now and learned that it didn’t have to feel that way.

It’s really just my approach that has shifted and if you can get anything out of this post I hope it’s this – remember that ‘It’s a blessing to be able to celebrate’. We’ve had to skip some parties because of hospital stays and emergencies in the past. So when we party now, it really is about celebrating that life.
Over the years as our family has grown (We now have 4 children) I’d like to think I picked up a few tips along the way.
I wish for your event planning to be enjoyable, memorable, less stressful and you have more time for the fun.
Let’s begin.
1. Dream it up early –

You don’t have to physically get started but go ahead and dream. ‘Why not?!’. I love this one because it’s free :). Go to Pinterest, scroll through and create boards that inspire you. Chances are you’ll gravitate to a theme that you’ll love and get excited about. This excitement will usually fuel you to get started early with the actual physical planning. Early is always best.

2. The theme that motivates.

It doesn’t have to be complicated but you’d be surprised how a theme can put things together for you and organize your thoughts. It can be a colour motif, your child’s favourite hobby, the celebrant’s unique characteristic (We just celebrated my little ‘fashionista’s 5th birthday party and made a collection’). Pin the theme down and creatively own it. Don’t you just love hearing people say, ‘That party had YOU all over it” or “That was so her style”, “On-point”. In the world of design and marketing your theme acts as your ‘branding’, being consistent adds a polished look.

3. Don’t forget the dollar dollar bills –

Hey, I said less stress not no stress. I’m sure budget is that piece that can give you the heebie-jeebies. But take a deep breathe and relax, you’ve got this. Depending on the celebration, you decide your budget, different cultures and families give certain life events importance. Say a quinceañera for the latin culture is a large event, but for others they save for the 18th birthday called the debut. Personally, we put a lot of importance on baptisms and first birthdays – the mustache theme was a fun one. So I know cultural expectation plays a big part in your decisions but your savings and realistic budget should be honoured.

If most of your budget goes toward the venue opt for DIY invitations or ask for help from your talented friends and relatives for entertainment, photography or food options. We have been fortunate to find The Cakebooth to create our cakes and some giveaways.  That’s the nice thing about cultural events, since others see it as being big, for the most part they are also willing to lend a hand. And if your event is more low-key, have fun using creative ideas that relate to your theme (i.e. use blue KoolAid in an aquarium as a punch bowl for an undersea party, add cute names to your food dishes related to the theme, personalized gift tags with your event details). No matter what, don’t forget to spend your money on what makes sense to you and your family.

4. Ask for help …even from the world.

Brings me to the next point, don’t forget that help comes in many forms. Some of you might say “I don’t know people who can help” or “they are too busy”…”too much drama”…so you might even be thinking I’m talking about immediate people in your lives, of course there’s that but I also suggest help in the not-so immediate. Jump on social, I learned how to create DIY Mickey Mouse Oreo cookie sticks from Youtube, you can even ask your Facebook friends if anyone knows of cool and affordable venues.

The great thing about social media is that so many people are eager to share and help because they know a time will come when they will need your help too. You know for yourself how excited you get when you’ve had a good experience with something. There are tons of freebies you can find online, and we personally love sharing, so just for visiting we created these “Thank you” tags for you.

Customizable DIY black and white Thank you cards. Use them as tags or print them on label sheets to cut out and use as stickers.

Don’t forget to check out reviews of vendors too, it’s a huge thing when you have a lot of money invested in an event, especially for weddings. Point is, ask the world!

5. Smile…let’s celebrate!

Things aren’t always going to go as planned but the saying holds true that ‘when you’re having fun, your guests will too.’ All will become a distant memory so don’t forget to enjoy the moment, the photos will help you reminisce and the smiles will make all the difference. Focus on the celebrant, and let them get involved. Play, play, play. Remember what I said earlier ‘It’s a blessing to be able to celebrate’.

Here are a few photos from some of our events and our online store. You can even follow us on Pinterest for more ideas.

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Committed to a theme much…it’s just part of the fun. Click here to visit our store and personalize this specific design.

“Mustache” you to take one and have some fun.

This three tiered cake has three flavours, mocha, yema cheese and red velvet. The chocolate moustache sticks was a hysterical giveaway.

Fashionista collection

DIY photo booth with props

Script hand cutout with polkadots

Baskin Robin’s Very Berry Strawberry Ice cream purse cake was a hit.

undersea decor

Under the sea decor for a home party.

Colourful Mermaid cake to compliment the undersea theme.

DIY ceiling octopus lantern and streamers. Undersea home party.

Ballerina butter cream, red velvet cake. Name script lettering decor overhead.

home made white chocolate for ballet theme party.

Unique giveaways, bookmark with removable cross seedlings. The captioning instructs guests to plant the seeds in celebration of the child’s baptism, symbolic of their growing faith.

All white baptism cake

DIY gummy candy kabobs.

Daddy and Baby boy’s matching shoes cake.

Mickey Mouse DIY Chocolate covered Oreo pops

Black and white, photo reel, retirement cake.

Travel and fishing themed cookies for these retirees.

blue cake with train and blocks